Tuesday, September 25

Changing blog layout

Greetings. Apologies for going so long without posting. So much for my frequent posting pattern I had back in August, :) Anyway, I've added some layout changes to this blog to try to spice it up a bit more. Though all of this is a work in progress, I'm open to any comments or suggestions anyone might have. Also, note that any changes I make will be after all of my posts. For instance, you will find new sections called Blogs to watch and Sites to watch, along with a New York Times Technology feed area, all at the end of the posting area. Check out the Blogs and Sites section, as well as the NY Times Tech area, since new content is added all the time. Enjoy. I'll write later about some of the things that have gone on this month, and perhaps return to my semi-normal posting pattern--and perhaps not, :)