Monday, October 16

Another proclaimation

Greetings. I know, another proclaimation. This one is the last one for awhile. I received this at work. This one is from the Governor. Enjoy.

Proclamation by the Governor of the State of Texas

Texas is a state that fosters progress and prosperity, a state where
economic development and job creation are prioritized and pursued as we
look toward the future. Due to a highly skilled workforce, Texas is
recognized as one of the best states in the union to do business. Now
and in the future, it is especially important that the approximately
four million Texans with disabilities continue to be vital in both the
public and private sectors.

During the last fiscal year, as a result of assistance from the Texas
Workforce Commission, 3,870 people who self-identified as having a
disability were successful in their search for employment. During the
same period, the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative
Services (DARS) assisted 14,277 Texans with disabilities in gaining
employment. DARS also enhanced services to students with disabilities
through increased availability of transition counselors to facilitate
transition from school to employment. DARS has also taken a leadership
role in promoting information accessibility in health and human service

Texas colleges recognize that developmental classes are critical to the
success of many students with disabilities, and more students with
disabilities are attending college than ever before. Additionally, state
agencies in Texas have partnered with college and university engineering
departments on new inventions to assist people with disabilities.

Highlighting the achievements of Texans, a University of North Texas
student and artist, John Bramblitt, is featured on the 2006 Texas poster
for National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). John's
talent for creating emotion through his use of color and texture in his
paintings is evident. He successfully challenges people's conceptions of
blindness, ultimately finding that painting gives him a meaningful
opportunity to connect to others. His art and determination reflect and
reinforce this year's NDEAM theme: "American's with Disabilities: Ready
for the Global Workforce."

Another success, this year the Texas School for the Blind and Visually
Impaired and the Texas School for the Deaf are celebrating their 150th
anniversary of excellence in education to Texas students with sensory
disabilities. In addition to academics, students at both schools have
opportunities for career exploration, internships, job placement and
actual experience in the job market.

Also of note, Texas applauds all who provided such valiant service
during last year's hurricane season. Continuing to prioritize this
issue, statewide emergency response plans have strengthened evacuation
provisions, including those related to individuals with disabilities. In
Texas, today, a statewide registry allows people who need assistance
evacuating to sign up for such assistance.

To highlight the importance of equal employment opportunities for
Americans with disabilities, and to recognize the many achievements of
individuals dedicated to this cause, October has been designated as
National Disability Employment Awareness Month. At this time, therefore,
I encourage all Texans to recognize the employment potential of Texans
with disabilities. Together, we can continue to make a difference for
the future success of Texas.

Therefore, I, Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, do hereby proclaim October
2006, Disability Employment Awareness Month in Texas, and urge the
appropriate recognition whereof.

In official recognition whereof, I hereby affix my signature this the
27th day of September, 2006.

RICK PERRY(Signature)
Governor of Texas

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