Friday, January 5

More Vista stories

Greetings. In going through the long list of month old New York Times Technology stories that appear on their RSS feed, I found two that are related to the upcoming consumer release of Windows Vista, and might be worth the read. Here they are:

Looks, Locks, and Lacks. Okay, so this isn't the name of the article. But it is a phrase the article uses and I liked the sound of it. This one covers some of the possible plusses and minuses of Windows Vista.

Vista is ready. Are you? This article covers some of the upgrade requirements if you want to upgrade to Vista on your current computer. If your system is 3 or 4 years old, it might be easier to buy a new computer, which is what I'm going to do most likely. Besides, if you have it custom made, as many manufacturers will do if you order the computer from them directly, then you can cut out things that you used to use, such as floppy drives.

Though this final entry is not directly related to Vista, it does cover a software suite that will likely be in your Vista computer. From Paul Thurrott, the same reviewer who did that multi-part review of Windows Vista, comes his review of Office 2007. Like the Vista review, this one has been divided into 5 parts and will likely have additional sections to them. He has just started this one, so bookmark it so you can check back on his progress. I'm guessing that he will fill in the gaps over the next few weeks.

Enjoy and happy reading.

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