Wednesday, February 28

JAWS and Vista update

Greetings. For those interested, FS today released a public beta version of the JAWS compatible version for Windows Vista. If you don't want to get Vista right now, which would be a smart move since both mainstream and adaptive software/hardware companies haven't fully gotten their support for it yet, then you can use this update as a final release on Windows XP. Refer to the JAWS Headquarters What's New area for full details on what's new with XP and this new JAWS update. For those brave souls that want to try JAWS on Vista, bare in mind that this update will probably be made available in several betas before FS makes it a final release. Remember, that if you want to run JAWS on Vista when the version becomes a final release, you need to have 8.0 as well as an up to date SMA count. You also need to have an authorization key available. To check whether or not you have a key available, go to FS Activate. Finally, remember, as with any beta software, things may not work properly and there likely won't be any technical support for it. Enjoy, and feel fre to report back your findings and how JFW is working for you.

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