Sunday, April 22

Shopping via text message

Greetings. I'm going to go ahead and throw out the prediction that the cell phone will be the new frontier for communication and staying connected. In recent years, the cell phone has not only become the tool for talking with family, friends, and coworkers, but it has also been the tool we use to manage contacts, send and receive text messages to friends, manage appointments, and more. We have even experimented with more practical uses that perhaps go beyond the communication intent, such as a bar code reader, scanner, low cost GPS unit, taking and storing pictures, etc. Well, here's another possible use for that cell phone in your pocket: shopping. Read more from the New York Times in the article called New Form of Impulse: Shopping via Text Message. I've read futuristic novels from Tom Clancy where the characters use an all in one communication device for phone calls, video conferencing, appointments, and much more. Its looking more and more like the cell phone will be that sort of device for us in a few years--or perhaps it already is now. Enjoy.

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