Sunday, July 8

JAWS 8.0 for Windows Vista Final release

Greetings. I meant to post this before I left for convention, but didn't get a chance. JAWS 8.0 for Windows XP/Vista has been released. On the Windows XP side, there's not a lot of enhancements/improvements since the last minor update. However, this is considered a "final release" for Windows Vista. So from now on, you can burn this copy to a CD or get a CD from Freedom Scientific, and install it on a new Windows Vista computer. For those interested, you can read more about the JAWS 8.0.2173 Final Release. Refer to the "Enhancements for JAWS version 8.0.2173" heading for specifics on what has changed since the last update. Also, in the JAWS seminar at the NFB convention last week and on FS Cast (FS's podcast), there was mention of version 9 coming out hopefully in September. If you have Windows XP and don't see a reason to get this update, then I'd suggest just waiting for 9.0. One notable thing and a reason you might want to order the 8.0 CD is that a new batch of training material is included on it. Among this material are free Daisy moduals, including one on moving to Windows Vista when using JAWS or Magic. Refer to the JAWS Training Headquarters and look for the heading, "Download these additional DAISY books." Enjoy.

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