Sunday, February 3

A Giant Super Bowl

Greetings. Minutes after the end of Super Bowl 42 I'd like to extend congradulations to the New York Giants for doing what many people didn't think you could or would do. Even on the pregame show, Giants' players were saying that no one was expecting them to win, but that they were going to win. Well, they did! And to Eli Manning for getting another Super Bowl win and M.V.P. trophy for the family. The Patriots don't have anything to be ashamed of either. Even though they didn't "go undefeated," having an 18 and 1 record is still something that no one else has done before. Congradulations also to Aaron Ross, for getting his first Super Bowl ring in his first year as a NFL player. Who said that a former Longhorn can't get a world champion ring? This was one for the books, thrilling right down to the wire. Awesome game everyone. Of course we'll see if the Giants can maintain their championship ways next year. For now though, enjoy the victory and great job!

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