Monday, December 8

Windows 7 features and accessibility

Greetings. I've come across two links with information on Windows 7, the next operating system from Microsoft said to come out next year. We'll see when it actually is out though after all is said and done. Anyway, if you'd like to read a list of features in Windows 7 or the accessibility planned for Windows 7 then read these pages. Note that as for the features list, this is only a preliminary listing, and it's likely that things will change and that not all of those features listed will end up in the final product. Also, regarding accessibility, it's good to see that Microsoft is taking a proactive view on making sure their product is accessible. However, as a totally blind person, I don't have a lot of use for the on-screen keyboard or the magnifier, no matter how good it is. No mention is made in the article about improvements to Narrator, the built-in screen reader that Microsoft has included in Windows versions dating back to Windows 2000 I believe. I know it's hard to please everyone all the time, but I would think that there would be some mention of Narrator in an article on accessibility features/improvements in the upcoming operating system. Anyway, good information all the same. Enjoy.

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