Saturday, July 18

Another person blogging at The Seeing Eye

Greetings. I love reading posts or blogs from someone who is currently in training for their guide dog. Such is the case with Stacey and her time at The Seeing Eye starting today and going for the next few weeks. She's returning for a successive dog, so her stay won't be as long as for a new dog, but nonetheless you can read more on her Live journal blog which I've listed in my bookmarks as Stacey's Seeing Eye training. She has some posts already there leading up to when she left last night to travel to New Jersey, and she promises to post during her training. Whenever I read a blog like this, it reminds me of when I went for Gucci last August. Can't believe that was almost one year ago; there's a trip to remember. Hopefully she'll continue posting about her adventures with "new dog" after she returns home. Enjoy.

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