Friday, October 23

Wi-Fi is cool

Greetings. I'm sitting in the hotel lobby in San Antonio at the NFB of Texas state convention. People with canes are walking all around me. It's kind of interesting listening to lots of blind people attempting to find things such as the front desk. It's cool to be online though and wireless. I finished my first Audible book in several years a little while ago. I took my first ride on Greyhound this morning, breaking my anti-Greyhound stance. It went okay, though I'm not sure I'm going to start riding Greyhound lots. Taking it to San Antonio is one thing, but I'll gladly stick to my flights on Southwest to Dallas and other places beyond the close bus range. Anyway, I made it without incident, grouping up wiht two coworkers and as it turned out some other blind folk traveling to the convention. The Greyhound station is about a block from the hotel. It's also kind of weird to come on a weekend convention and see lots of coworkers and students wandering around. I've already seen at least one former student that I'd rather not see. Let's just say that they were, uh challenge when they were a student, and since they left CCRC, we have had some interesting interactions. I'd be fine if we didn't cross paths the rest of the weekend, but I know that this won't happen. Oh well. I was sitting a few rows in front of my coworkers on the bus this morning, and to be funny, I sent several text messages back and forth with them. I thought of calling one, but thought that this would be too obvious, so I settled for the texts. Anyway, be watchingb this space for some updates this weekend. I'm staying till Sunday morning before returning to Austin. I'm going out to dinner later on the Riverwalk wiht some family friends. that should be fun too. Later.

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