Tuesday, April 11

Want a Google Account?

Greetings. Though Google says that a workable solution to the visual/word verification problem they have won't be out until ate April, now you have the option of Signing up for a Google account on this secure web page. Note that there is now an option to listen to the characters in the verification graphic. Also note that this solution may not be completely full proof yet, since they're not officially supposed to have it ready until the end of the month. Case in point, I tried to play the audio clip and had problems. However, I know of another blind person that was able to successfully create their Google account. The good news is that Google is definitely working on a solution to their long standing issue. My only complaint is: why didn't they do it sooner? Then again, that's in the past. Hopefully, Google will now be a leader, instead of a follower, in accessibility issues.

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