Sunday, August 6

Can You Feel It?

Greetings. Can you feel it? Can you smell the the astroturf, the freshly mowed grass? Can you hear it, the clatter of helmets and pads as they collide?

Yes, its almost that time of year; football season. Or, just time for football in general. Can you feel the anticipation of Sunday night football on NBC? I can. Sure, it will be different having Sunday night football on NBC, verses Monday night football on ABC. However, all things must change, hopefully for the better. It was cool though to hear Madden and Michaels talk about the game in particular and various teams and the upcoming season in general.

As I was watching the opening moments on NBC tonight, and as I've been going back there from time to time, I can feel the anticipation of another great season. And why not? Its pre-season for goodness sake, when everything looks bright and promising; when all teams (except the Raiders and Eagles, since they're playing tonight) are undefeated. When hopes and dreams are planted and nurtured, and the goal of getting into the playoffs, and dare I say even the Superbowl, look brighter than ever.

Ok, so you're not a pro-foot ball fan. So you're into college ball. How 'bout them Horns? Defending a national title and starting over with a new promising season and a new quarterback. That's one thing that will be fun to watch this season, to see the Texas Longhorns as they go through their games, from the city of the Horn, Austin, Texas.

Or, perhaps you're into high school football. How about that new series on NBC called Friday Night Lights, which will start on October 3 at 7pm Central time. Just like the book and movie of the same name, this show will follow the season of a Texas high school football team as they try to get the state title.

Any way you slice it, its going to be a great season, for whatever team you like.

Let me ask you one more question: "Are you ready for some football?"


  1. Anonymous11:21 PM

    Its great to have football back again! Go KC Chiefs, Green Bay Packers, and Nebraska Cornhuskers!

    Wes Majerus

  2. Jake Joehl4:18 PM

    Amen bro! Although I'm not your average sports fan per se, we here in Chi-town have been blessed with some pretty darn good teams. On a sad note, the Northwestern football coach recently died of heart failure. But, it sounds as if they got a very good replacement. This new coach had played for Northwestern in the mid-90's, and he sounds very excited. So with that in mind, go Wildcats!