Tuesday, August 15

First Test Results

Note: I wrote this post yesterday, but haven't been able to publish it until now.

Greetings. Well, I can happily report that all of my students got A's on the first test this past Friday! Considering that I was told that, at least in the past, students haven't done as well on the first test and have had to do a retake, I'm quite pleased and proud of them.

For the first time since I've been working in Austin, I had to go home Friday afternoon due to a failing voice and otherwise not feeling like myself. I felt like quite the teacher when I put my students' floppy disks in my backpack to take home to grade. That was a weird but cool feeling.

Now on to the next batch of Windows material: dialog boxes. This is arguably the hardest part of the course for students. Try explaining the different controls of a dialog box, much less what a dialog box is, to someone who has never used them before. But, all that's tomorrow. For now, I'm enjoying the moment, and patting myself on the back for a job well done.

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