Monday, September 4

The best of times, and the worst of times

Greetings. I'm writing this post with mixed emotions. Last Friday, Sept. 1, was a very good day and a very bad day for me. The good, I finally got a washer and dryer from a coworker and even had it setup while I was at work. The not so good, said coworker had his last work day before he moves to New York for a new job, and my former guide dog died. I plan to write tributes to both these people when the time comes. My parents came down to Austin for the weekend which was very good as well. They helped me work through some things, talk and make some decisions, such as what to do with some things my dog used. That was helpful for me and them. On more recent news, today the Time Warner repair man came and fixed my Cable and Internet connections, which have been out since last Wednesday. That was another reason why I was glad my parents came down. Otherwise, I'd be sitting in an apartment that would have been too quiet.

So, this is the somewhat good feeling Wayne signing off for now.

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