Sunday, May 20

May entry

Greetings. Well, its time for another monthly blogging update. Some people have asked me why I don’t post as often as I once did. Truthfully, I don’t really know myself. Things are a little less stressful at work and as a result I’m not as stressed. Though, this coming week, I’ve got a mess of reports and summaries to write for my students, some of whom are graduating so they’re even higher on the priority list. I think I’ll always be a blogger to some degree, but perhaps that degree is getting smaller as we go. Anyway, I do have some notable things to update you on this month.

A couple of weeks ago, I bought my first pair of boots, which has surprised and pleased several people in my daily life. I had heard about boots and their comfort several times before now, and I needed some new work shoes anyway, so I thought, “Why not?” Wearing boots has presented its own set of challenges and interesting observations. Mainly that I’m now 2 inches higher than I once was. I realize that those of you who may have been wearing boots for a long time are reading this and thinking, “Well of course Wayne, they’re going to make you taller.” But bare with me for a moment; after all, these are new experiences for me. For the record, I bought a pair of break in or transition boots, or those that are recommended to people that have been wearing shoes and are in the process of switching to boots. Thus, they have a good amount of padding in them to ease the process. I’ve noticed differences in the height of things around me, in going up or down stairs, and I’m even considering obtaining a 67 inch cane, since now my 65 inch doesn’t come up as high as it once did. Its definitely different. On the flip side, I’ve gotten complements from many people that, “You look good in those boots,” when I wear the boots with jeans or khakis. I do like the ability to pull the boots on at any time and not to have to mess with laces or any mess like that. I’ve been told from people that know such things that it will take a week or two to break them in, but after that, I’ll love them. I’m inclined to believe them.

On another front, yesterday I went out with a friend and ended up buying a new mattress, bed frame, and side table at a local furniture store for some great prices. Actually, as much as I’m pleased with the kind of mattress I got, I’m equally, if not more, excited about the delivery of all of this on this coming Saturday. For those interested, the mattress is one of those Posturepedic mattresses, which basically means that it provides good back support and firmness throughout the whole mattress. So, you get the same firmness whether you’re sitting on the edge, laying in the middle or on either end or side of it. You don’t feel like you’re going to roll off the side, which is great. This is my first queen size mattress and I’m already rubbing my hands together in anticipation.

The other big day in this coming week is Thursday, since its another consumer graduation day. I’ve taught many of these students, some more than others. It will likely be one of those bitter sweet days, where it will be good to see them achieve their goal of program completion, but sad to see them go.

Add to that the fact that the Center is closing for a week next week, or Memorial Day week, and you can understand my anticipation of Friday. I’m going to go ahead and throw out the prediction that, among staff, there won’t be very much productivity on Friday afternoon, especially after 3pm. With the end of May looming, my anticipation for the NFB convention in Atlanta is growing. I always love going to those conventions, and this year‘s is no exception. On that happy note, I’ll bid farewell for now. Adios.


  1. Hello Wayne. Glad to see you're still blogging. What are your thoughts on the Freedom Scientific versus Serotek and the new petition at

  2. Greetings Darrell and all. As for the suit that FS is bringing against Serotek, frankly, after reading a blog a few days ago, I agree with its author, and the suit is silly. Just because the word freedom is in the name "Freedom Box" doesn't warrant a suit. That's like them bringing suit against GW Micro for using the word window in "Window Eyes," since FS uses it in "JAWS for Windows." If anyone should be worried about a suit, its FS, since Speelberg used "JAWS" in his movie of the same name 30 some odd years ago, long before the product from FS. On the surface, this feels like an effort from FS to flex their muscles as the big boy on he adaptive market block. However, as with the various buy-outs that took place this past week with FS and HumanWare, we'll have to see how it all works out.