Wednesday, May 23

NFB convention agenda available

Greetings. For those interested, the NFB 2007 Convention Agenda is now available. This is a direct link to download the Word document on the NFB website. Note that this file is just over 3 megabytes in size, and that it might take some time to download on a modem connection and further to open in Word. I recommend, that as soon as you open it in Word, you perform a Save As and save it in either rich text or plain text to reduce the file size. Remember to load this on your note taker or laptop of choice before you go to convention. By doing so, you can preserve some trees for all the people that forgot their laptops, or those that don't have the ability. Also, while they're still reading over their agendas, you can be rushing to a meeting or the event of your choice, chuckling all the way because you were prepared :) Enjoy.

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