Friday, June 1

June update

Greetings. Thought I’d given an update since I have time on my hands. Usually, about this time of day on a normal week, I’m either sleeping or being really lazy in front of the TV. However, this has not been a normal week. Mainly because I’ve been off. The Center closes during the last week in May and during the week of Christmas and New Year’s. All the students and staff get the week off, which is great. I’ve been catching up on my R&R this week, and basically not accomplishing anything. Its been wonderful! I know that things will get plenty busy next week when work starts up again, and then the following week when a lot of new students come in. Its safe to say that June will be a busy month for me and that there will probably be some nights when I come home, put my feet up on my coffee table, and fall asleep. However, since I’m going to the NFB convention in Atlanta the first week in July, that gives me something to look forward to and plan for. That will be nice, to go off to a convention in the middle of that craziness at work. So I’m completely cool with not accomplishing anything this week, :)

The mattress has been everything I thought it would be, and more. Its one of those mattresses where when you lay down on it, its not immediately comfortable. But as you lie on the bed, the mattress’s various “pressure points” mold or shape themselves to your body. So, if you can get up after a few minutes, you then realize how comfortable it really was. There have been a few times when I have laid down for a few minutes while listening to some audio on my computer, and then had thought of changing songs or stations, and dreaded the idea of getting up again. So to say that its been enjoyable might be an understatement, :)

The graduation ceremony went very well. It was good to see the students that I had taught, at various stages, finally accomplish their goals and get their certificates. However, as it turned out, the students had a little surprise for the staff. Apparently, they had gotten together in one of their planning sessions for the graduation, and decided to give certain staff members awards. They gave awards to at least one person from each department. I’m writing this not only to draw attention to their efforts, but also to mention that I received the award for the technology department!

As part of the introduction, the student that presented me the award said something along these lines: “The next award goes to someone in technology. This person hasn’t been here that long, only a little over a year, and he doesn’t get much recognition.” The award says:

Service Excellence Award
Presented to
Wayne Merritt
In recognition of your outstanding service and dedication to consumers.

And then it had the student’s name. There were things I could have said and things I wanted to say, but as soon as I mounted the steps to the stage and received the award, I was speechless. How could I thank students that had just paid me probably the biggest complement I’ve yet to receive in my career? Truth be told, I’m not recognized that often. It was a long time, about a year, before someone even mentioned me in their short graduation thanks that each student gives when they receive their certificates.

So, I’d like to take this space to thank all the students, especially the presenter (and you know who you are), for recognizing me. Your recognition helps make my job worthwhile. And it helps to validate all those days of arriving on time for class, of giving challenging homework, and of talking about anything from lecture material, to Shrek, to blindness skills in class. As I said to one of my colleagues after the ceremonies were done, “Now my life is complete.”

Pretty much everyone, staff and students alike, were at the graduation ceremony. It was neat to be recognized and acknowledged by my students and colleagues.

On another note, I went and saw Shrek the Third last weekend with a friend. For the record, though its better than Shrek 2, its not nearly as overwhelmingly funny as the original Shrek movie. At times though, I thought that there was too much going on in Shrek the Third. I did enjoy the medieval names and places though; those were amusing. I was left with one question though: will there be a forth installment in this movie series? I guess we’ll see in 2010, since all of the movies have been released every 3 years.

Well, that’s about all for now. I’m off to enjoy the rest of my weekend and vacation, at least until Atlanta, :) See ya.

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