Saturday, August 25

WCD and random stuff

Greetings. Well, I guess I'm back in blog form. If you look back at my posts this year, it seems that I posted about once a month from Feburary to June, then in July, it got kicked up into overdrive. Like I said back a few months ago, we're back up to full force in my department at work now, so there's people to cover for others, sort of, and things feel good again. We're two, nearly three, months into the "new system/direction" at work, and though I was a little skeptical in the beginning, it looks like this will work. I'll write in another post about it if anyone's interested. Anyway, life is good, I'm feeling good about work, and I've gotten back into my routine of posting about once per week, at a minimum.

On the subject of the White Cane Day website, its growing nicely. When It first went live about two weeks ago, there's was a basic framework of the article and a few random links. Since then, there's now links for sponsors, participating agencies, efinitions and articles on the white cane and the day itself, a "Model White Cane Bill" that many of the laws around the country are based on, a graphic of last year's proclamation, places to buy white canes and cane accessories from, and more coming. I've just added a section on media coverage, which I'll upload when I confirm some information. One of the committee members had an interview yesterday with one of the top Austin radio stations which will really kick this thing into gear. I want to wait until I get more information on that interview and verify that it will aire, but once that's done I'll upload the updated page. The hit counter is chugging along, with 22 visitors at last count. That number will really jump once all those posters and flyers are distributed around town, and hopefully even after the radio piece airres. We've got another committee meeting next Thursday, which will be cool and exciting. Look for more graphics to be added as well.

I'm off to enjoy the weekend and hopefully forget about tonight's Dallas Cowboys loss. Well, better to have a loss in the preseason rather than the regular season, though those will happen as well. There are those in Dallas that are already predicting that the Cowboys will go to the Super Bowl this year. We'll see.

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