Thursday, August 9

WCD website update

Greetings. I just wanted to write a quick note about today’s White Cane Day committee meeting. (Incidentally, if I ever use the abbreviation WCD for White Cane Day, you'll know what it means). It was quite fun to run down my list of points at the meeting and presenting what I had done to a group. However, what brought me more satisfaction and joy was to hear one of the people from the local major grocery store here, say how much she and her fellow coworkers liked the site. She said that it looked very well done and that they appreciated the link that I put for their store. (Got to keep the sponsors happy, :) Anyway, that was cool and something I’ll remember for some time to come.

Toward the end of the meeting, I asked if the committee would like a hit counter on the site, or a means of keeping track of how many unique or individual visitors come to it. Once I explained what a counter was, they liked the idea. I thought that doing this would be hard, but all I did was copy the code from my Wayneism site, change some numbers in the associated files, renamed those files, and uploaded the pages to my web space. Now, we’ve got a hit counter, and as of this writing, there have been a whopping 2 visitors. It’s a work in progress though. What made me think of this is the fact that various flyers and posters with information on the event, including the web address, will be distributed around Austin. I thought to myself, “Imagine the kinds of numbers we would draw if the site had a counter.” Incidentally, though my Wayneism site has been a hobby, all be it a resourceful one for a lot of people (which I’m grateful for), this site for the White Cane Day celebration is a big deal. Dozens, perhaps hundreds, of people will see the web address and hopefully visit the site. That raises the bar higher for me, but it also brings me lots of satisfaction. If we can pull anything close to what Wayneism has, then this could be a really cool thing. Perhaps not this year alone, but give it a few years and who knows.

Anyway, thought I’d update you, the thoughtful Wayne’s Blog reader, as to my activities. Till we meet again, :)

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