Thursday, November 22

Thanksgiving message and PM update

Greetings. First off, happy Thanksgiving to all. Its nice that we have this day to be thankful, however, may we always be thankful throughout the year and not just on the forth Thursday in November.

As for the PM update: no, its not the big one, the Omni. For whatever reason, I just now came across the update that was posted last week. So, if you have not done so yet, then click here to read about the PAC Mate Battery Driver and Firmware Update. This is available for all BX and QX units, and can be installed either through Active Sync or by using a compact flash card. According to the information on the page, this update is offered to maximize the battery life and is recommended for everyone, whether or not you plan on getting the Omni when it comes out.

I find this update's timing of particular interest. According to the What's New in JAWS 9 audio file that Freedom Scientific put out not long ago, the Omni would be released not long after the JAWS 9.0 version was officially released. So, since JAWS 9 is out, and since we have this battery/firmware update, I'm inclined to think that the Omni isn't that far away; perhaps in the next few weeks before Christmas. I've said it before in other posts, but what a wonderful Christmas present: a totally new and upgraded PAC Mate! Enjoy, happy Thanksgiving, and hook 'em Horns!

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