Saturday, November 17

VR Stream version 1.1 released

Greetings. I've bought many tech devices and gismos in my time, some that I've used a few times and then put aside, and others that I've truly enjoyed and carried everywhere. The Victor Reader Stream is one of the latter ones. On November 15, version 1.1.15 was released. Among the many improvements and fixes, support for Audible content has been added. Read more about the VR Stream 1.1 release. For those that don't have a Stream and want one, HumanWare is offering free shipping on new Stream orders through the end of the year. Contact your local dealer or HumanWare directly at 800-722-3393.

The Stream is truly one of a kind, being able to play MP3 files, Audible, text and text based DAISY books, HTML files, and more. In addition, you can play Book Share DAISY books and the new digital talking books from the National Library Services pilot program. Check the Blindness Resources page of my website for more details on the Stream. In the nearly two months that I've had my Stream, I've read about 10 digital talking books from NLS, that's 10 more than I've read on my 4-track player of the same material in the past year. Its truly a cool, nifty and fun device to use. When I go home for Thanksgiving, I'll take my Stream and my Walkman (yes, I still have one of those; its still the only way to listen to regular radio in different cities, which is something I'll never grow tired of). Anyway, enjoy.

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