Thursday, January 3

PAC Mate documentation

Greetings. While browsing the Freedom Scientific site today, I came across their documentation page. Typically, I don't spend too much time on documentation pages, unless I really need help or if a product/upgrade is coming out that I want to read about. I found the documentation for the PM Omni. The Omni docs aren't that much different from the prior PM version 4, but there are some differences which you will want to be aware of. If you're anxiously awaiting your Omni from FS or want to do some reading, or want to read about any of the other PM related software/hardware (Braille display, Street Talk, deaf blind solutions, etc), then check the following pages out. Enjoy and happy reading.

FS PM related documentation page:

What's New in Omni:

QX HTML user guide:

QX user guide in self-extracting zip file:

BX HTML user guide:

BX user guide in self-extracting zip file:

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