Tuesday, January 22

Stream and the RFB&D

Greetings. I received the following announcement via email from HumanWare regarding the Victor Reader Stream. Though I don't use Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic (RFB&D) myself, I know that many others do and that students have been anxiously awaiting this announcement. Please excuse any formatting errors. Enjoy and happy reading.

Attention: Victor Reader Stream Customers in U.S.A:

RFB&D is now selling a user authorization key (UAK) for the Victor Reader Stream at a cost of $20. The UAK must be purchased  directly from RFB&D member
services by calling 1-800-221-4792.  Once your order is processed (usually within 24 hours) you will be shipped a CD with the UAK installation instructions
and a UAK file will be make available for you to download and install from the member services web site. It is not necessary to wait for the CD to arrive
because the instructions for accessing the UAK download site and installing the UAK are also given below in this announcement. If you login to your account
on the indicated UAK site and your key is not yet available it means your order has not yet been processed by RFB&D.  RFB&D advises that their order processing
typically requires about 24 hours.

HumanWare Victor Reader Stream
Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic UAK Installation Instructions

Victor Reader Stream requires a UAK (User Authorization Key) from RFB&D to play their AudioPlus® books. These books are password protected and require
special decryption to play on the Stream.

The UAK is unique to the serial number of your device and cannot be transferred to or from any other Daisy Book player.  To obtain the UAK you will need
the following:

• You must know your RFB&D Member ID
• Your Stream software must be version 1.1 or higher.
• You must know your Stream serial number. You can find both the Stream software version and the serial number by pressing INFO (key 0) on the Stream.
The Serial Number format is XX-XXXX-XXXXXX

Steps To Install the UAK Using a Windows PC running 2000 or XP
1. Contact RFB&D member services at 1-800.221.4792 and purchase your UAK. Wait about 24 hours and then go to the RFB&D Digital Playback Software Registration Site at
2. Enter your MEMBER ID # and click "LOGON"  
3. Select HumanWare Stream from the Product List, enter your Stream Serial Number with or without the dashes and select "GENERATE UAK".  RFB&D will validate your device and return the UAK to you. This UAK will be a zip file containing 10 files (3 SMIL, 3 MP3, 3 html, and a KXO)
4. Download and save the zip file to your computer.
5. Connect your Stream to your PC using the long USB cable provided. Be sure the Stream is powered off when you connect it. After connecting it, power it back on and you will hear the message, "player connected". Alternatively, if you have an SD card reader, you may put the SD card of your Stream into the card reader.
6. Wait for Windows to recognize your Stream's SD card. It will appear as a drive letter on your computer.
7. Open this drive letter using Windows Explorer or the My Computer program.
8. Extract (unzip) all the 10 files from the zip file on your computer into the root of this SD card drive. Be sure to save the files in the root not in any of the $VR folders.
9. Close the SD card in Windows by exiting Windows Explorer or My Computer.
10. Use the Safely Remove Hardware option in the Windows System Tray to tell Windows you want to disconnect the Stream or release the drive that contains your SD card.
11. Power off the Stream and disconnect it from the computer or, if you used a card reader, insert the SD card into the Stream.
12. Power on the Stream. It will then prompt you for your 4 digit RFB&D PIN number. Enter the number followed by the pound key. The Stream will announce that the user key has been processed. Your Stream will now be authorized to play RFB&D AudioPlus books.

Once your Stream is authorized, you should then delete the 10 files from the SD card and keep the zip file on your computer as a backup. You only need to authorize the Stream once even if you use multiple SD cards.

Playing AudioPlus CD's from RFB&D:

To play AudioPlus CD books on your Stream you will need to copy all the files on the RFB&D CD to your Stream SD card. To do this create a sub-folder for the book title in the $VRDTB folder of the Sd card and copy all the files on the CD into that sub-folder. Alternatively, you may use the Stream Companion software and select the drive letter of your CD as the source of the book files. Note that if the book is on 2 CD's you need to create a second sub-folder and copy the files of the second CD to it. The Stream will treat a multi-CD book as two separate books.

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