Friday, April 4

Stream: Daniel voice released

Greetings. I received the following notification from HumanWare regarding the release of the Daniel U.K. voice for the Victor Reader Stream. If you're perfectly happy with the Tom or Samantha voices, then there's no reason to change to this one. If however you want to check out this new voice, then by all means install it on your Stream by following the instructions outlined below. As the email says, there's no feature changes between the different voices. And, you cannot have more than one voice on your Stream at any one time. Enjoy.

Dear Victor Reader Stream Customer:

An alternative Stream software with the English U.K. male (Daniel) TTS voice is now available for download at:

This alternative version 1.2 software has a male TTS English U.K. voice (Daniel) and can be downloaded to replace the software with the female Samantha voice currently shipped on all English Streams. The Daniel voice will be shipped with future U.K. Streams. If you wish to change back to Samantha female TTS voice you can download and re-install the alternative UPG from the same page.

The functionality of the software is the same for both downloads. Only the TTS voice differs. The complete list of new features for version 1.2 and the installation instructions can be found in the What's New document in the documentation list on the same above web page. This support page also has links to listen to all Vocalizer TTS voices.

To summarize the Stream software Installation:

- download the zip file with your choice of TTS voice

- Unzip the single UPG upgrade file. You do not require special unzip software with Windows XP or Vista. Simply press Enter on the downloaded zip file and the UPG file will be shown. You can then copy the UPG file to the clipboard and paste it into the root of the Stream SD card.

- Insert the card into the Stream, connect the Stream to AC power, and turn it on.

- The Stream will recognize the special UPG file and initiate the upgrade process. Audio messages will inform you of the start and end of the update process.

- Remove the UPG file from your SD card after updating.

Thank you.

The HumanWare Support Team

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