Friday, May 23

Convention agenda released, with a twist

Greetings. For those interested, the 2008 NFB convention agenda has been released. This is the direct link to download the 3 megabyte Word document.

In going through the agenda, I see that there are a number of interesting meetings, sessions, and other items, in addition to the usual committee, division, and other group occurrances. One interesting item that I noticed at the end of he agenda was a thanks to a certain company/group for providing streaming services. Yes, after several years of various people requesting it, it appears that this year's national convention will be streamed live over the Web. No indication was given, but hopefully the sessions will also be archived on the NFB site for later retrieval and play. If you're hoping that every meeting/group item will be recorded, you might be disappointed. Only the Board of Directors meeting, General Sessions and Banquet will be streamed. If you want to know what goes on during the other times and days of the convention, then you might either attend and check it out for yourself, or read up on the convention round-up that will appear in the August/September Braille Monitor whenever it comes out. However, even with this small limitation, I'm very pleased and excited to see the NFB finally jump into the 21st century by streaming their convention, something that the ACB has done for many years and that the NFB has needed to do for some time now. To their credit, the NFB has streamed a number of state conventions, but as of yet not the national. So even if you can't attend for whatever reason, you can tune into the live stream and still keep up on the organization's business, interesting program items, and other information from the convention hall floor. I assume that more information will be provided as we get closer for tuning into the stream. That information wasn't in the agenda, but then again, if you take the time to read the agenda, its likely that you'll probably be at the convention. So why would you need streaming? enjoy.

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