Saturday, May 3

Guide dogs and GPS travel

Greetings. Here's an article I found on two different guide dog scools that conduct GPS training regularly. Remember, the GPS technology that we enjoy is not a replacement for taditional travel methods, such as a cane or dog guide. Rather, it can enhance one's travel. Also, in an effort to conserve labels, I'm placing any guide dog related stories or information in the "Seeing Eye" category, even if its from or about another school. Finally, according to the blog stats, this is the 400th post on this blog since it started over 3 years ago. Quite a marker for something that I've often wondered if I could keep up, or how I would keep up. I hope you've enjoyed reading this blog almost as much as I have writing it. Anyway, on to the article, which first appeared in USA Today. Even though the article's date is nearly 2 years ago, I know that boht schools mentioned are still conducting GPS training. In fact, I believe that they have even increased the number of training sessions and students since they started. Read more in the article called GPS Helps Lead the Way for the Blind. I like the fact that the article gets quotes from many different people, both in the guide dog training and assistive tech arenas. Enjoy.

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