Sunday, June 15

An icon in assistive technology has died

Greetings. I received the following note from several different email lists. Indeed Clarence Whaley made his impact in GW Micro and I remember seeing him at several different NFB conventions. He was also apart of many technology related interviews on ACB Radio's Main Menu, discussing new features of Window-Eyes and other GW products. He contributed to assistive technology and will most certainly be missed.


On behalf of the entire staff of GW Micro, it is with deep sadness that we must announce the passing away of Clarence Whaley on Saturday morning, June 14.  To read his obituary please go to

choose the Obituaries link and search for Whaley.

Clarence worked with us at GW Micro for almost 10 years, serving as Sales Manager and also Director of Training.  He worked at many trade shows, gave many presentations both in the US and abroad, trained many people in the use of Window-Eyes, the Braille Sense and Voice Sense notetakers plus other products.  Clarence was always ready to explain how to do a certain task in an easy-going manner that no one else could match.  Clarence always made people feel comfortable and at-ease and they had confidence in his abilities.

Clarence loved his Seeing Eye dogs and they assisted him wherever he traveled.  He was active in the music business and enjoyed many types of songs although I am certain his favorite was the music from his hometown - Nashville, Tennessee.

For those of you who wish to express your feelings, thoughts and memories of Clarence, we've added a discussion topic on our blog web page

titled Memories of Clarence Whaley.  We encourage you to write something about Clarence to help others remember him and know him a little better.  This could be anything from a phone conversation to an in-depth training session. Clarence was very active and he touched a lot of lives with his service.

Clarence is survived by his wife Dranda as well as other family members.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they work through this time of grief and mourning.  He was a well-loved member of the GW Micro family and we will truly miss him.

Dan, Doug and the entire GW Micro staff

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