Wednesday, June 25

Stream version 2 preview

Greetings. Stream version 2.0 should be out next week, though keep in
mind that delays can happen. According to the Accessible World podcast
on Monday of this week, here are a few highlights of this release.

* New audio formats include WMA; not the protected DRM WMA files just yet.
* New file/document formats include BRF files, in contracted,
uncontracted, and with support for several different languages; and
RTF files.
* 2 more bookshelves: Audible and podcasts.
* The ability to put downloaded NLS digital books directly onto the Stream without unzipping/extracting the files in the book.
* Support for SDHC cards up to 16 GB in size, which is good for those of us that have those larger cards.
* and more.

To learn more about what HumanWare is calling the most comprehensive
update thus far, and to get a list of the various fixes and
enhancements, download and listen to the broadcast at:

After reading all this and listening to the file above, if you don't have a Stream yet, then why not? Enjoy.

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