Friday, March 13

JAWS 10 Update 1 released

Greetings. Yesterday, Freedom Scientific released JAWS 10 Update 1. This link has information on new features and the various lists of enhancements/fixes since the full version of JAWS 10 was released last fall. There really aren't any major new features to report, except that JAWS can now officially run on 64 bit operating systems, which is notable since pretty much any new computer you buy in the stores these days only comes with 64 bit. There are probably still 32 bit operating systems out there, but likely only on the Web. There are some fixes that caught my eye in the IE and Word areas, but nothing earth shattering. At any rate, for those that like to have "the latest" or if you're in a teaching/training position and need to have it, there you go. One interesting item is that this is being referred to as an "update," not a patch. It does fit the description of the usual spring patch we might see from FS though. If the last few years are any indication, there may be one more patch in a few months, and then we'll have version 11 toward the end of the year. Enjoy.

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