Tuesday, March 31

New game at All inPlay

Greetings. I received the following email in my Inbox earlier. To join in the fun, visit the All inPlay website. Note that for the next 15 days, members and nonmembers alike can play this new game for free. Enjoy.


Greetings, All inPlayers,

We're happy to announce that our fifth game, Loco Locution, is officially gold. Our diligent beta testers have helped us make Loco the best it can be, and we thank all of you.

The launch of Loco also heralds the start of fifteen days of free access! That's right, in keeping with our tradition of opening the site after we release a title, we're busting open the doors of Allinplay.com for a fifteen-day free period starting today. Anyone can jump on and play free through April 15, so tell your friends!

Not only that, get ready for a Loco weekend! We'll host two tournaments as follows:
On Friday April 10, starting at 3 pm U.S. eastern, 2000 GMT, everyone is invited to play in the Loco Draw Poker tournament. Get back to the basics with 24 hours of five-card fun.

On Saturday April 11, immediately following the conclusion of the Draw Poker tourney, we'll up the ante with 24 hours of Hold'em hysteria.

But don't worry, we won't be celebrating long. We'll be right back to work on our sixth game. And sorry, we can't tell you what it is yet, but we *can* say it's the game we get the most requests for, so keep your ears pealed!

The All inPlay Team

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