Wednesday, April 1

Newsline expands yet again

Greetings. NFB Newsline, a service where you can call a local or toll free number to listen to local/national newspapers or magazines, or get TV listings, has done it again. They've expanded and given the user more options. Yesterday, the NFB Newsline Online website launched, which among other things, allows you to read content on the web, have it automatically downloaded and placed on your Victor Reader Stream, or Icon/APH Braille Plus Mobile Manager, and perform other functions. If you're not registered with this free service, you can obtain an application from the site as well. If you're already signed upf or Newsline, then there's no additional cost. You will have to log in with your user ID and pass code, as well as agree to an agreement stating how you will or won't use the service, but this only happens the first time you log into the site. You can also sign up to have your papers emailed to you as DAISY files each day/week. Visit the site and read more about this exciting service for the blind. For more about Newsline, visit the official NFB Newsline website. enjoy.

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