Saturday, April 4

State of Sirius baseball coverage

Greetings. I just read on Orbetcast the post called XM gets every 2009 MLB game; Sirius comes up (almost) empty. Apparently, XM will have every MLB game for this season, and Sirius will only airre a select few of the games. If you're a baseball lover, then you might want to sign up with XM Radio and still get the Best of Sirius for the NFL coverage. I'm glad that Sirius picked up some baseball, but it is rather disappointing for even the remote baseball fan, such as myself, to see that the "Best Of" packages don't get the large portion of games expected. However, if you're an autoracing fan, then that will be covered on the Best of Sirius/XM packages, which is some consulation I suppose. At any rate, it looks like the die-heart baseball people will be going to XM for the summer. Enjoy.

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