Wednesday, April 15

Stream FAQ updated

Greetings. I received this note from HumanWare yesterday regarding the FAQ for the Victor Reader Stream. This would be a good page to bookmark and check back with regularly. If any of the below questions, covering such topics as SD cards, RFB&D, the nLS digital download program, bookmarks, bookshelves, and more; look like ones you'd want to know more about, then check out this FAQ page. Enjoy.


Dear Victor Reader Stream Friends:

We have recently updated the Stream FAQ (frequently asked questions) document on the Stream support page at:

On that page select the documentation link and then the Stream FAQ document. This FAQ has over 100 answers to questions we have received about the Stream and we encourage you to review it. Following is a list of some of those questions. Books and Audible Manager
Q. Can I try out the Audible service without Subscribing?
Q. What is Audible Manager?
Q. How do I activate my Stream with Audible Manager?
Q. Can I use more than one SD card for Audible books on the Stream?
Q. After I activate my Stream how do I transfer Audible books to it?

Q. Why does the green power light (LED) sometimes blink when I plug the Stream to AC power?
Q. If I cannot see the LED how do I tell if the player is charging?
Q. Can I quickly get battery status without listening to all the Information items?
Q. Can I recharge the Stream while it is in use?
Q. Will I lose any bookmarks or player settings if I change the battery or allow the battery to fully deplete?
Q. What is the best way to store the battery for a long period of non use?

Q. How do I place a bookmark precisely at the start of a chapter or page or file?
Q. How can I quickly remove all the bookmarks in a single book?
Q. Will the Stream Bookmark data base fill up if I never delete bookmarks?
Q. Can I enter a bookmark while recording?
Q. During playback, will the Stream alert me if I pass over a previously bookmarked position?

Bookshelf and Folders
Q. Can I have sub-folders within the $VR bookshelf folders?
Q. How can I read .doc documents on the Stream?
Q. I have many books on my Talking Books bookshelf. Can I arrange them in categories?
Q. Can I list my Talking Books bookshelf in date order?
Q. When my podcast episode ends, can Stream automatically play the next one?

Bookshare (United States)
Q. What is the proper way to put a Bookshare book into the Stream Bookshelf?
CNIB Online Digital Audio Books (Canada)
Q. How do I transfer a CNIB Library Online Digital Audio book to the Stream?

Q. What should I do if my Stream does not respond even to the power button?
Q. Can I play the Stream while it is connected to my PC?
Q. Why do some audio files play at different volume levels on different bookshelves?
Q. Will Stream play WMA protected books such as those from Overdrive or sources?
Q. Can the Stream play MP3 books from Overdrive?
Q. How do I know if my public library's Overdrive service offer MP3 books?
Q. How do I do a factory reset of the Stream?
Q. Can I use the Windows Explorer SEND TO menu to send files to my Stream?

NFB (United States)
Q. I receive NFB newspapers by email. How do I transfer them to the Stream?

NLS Books (United States)
Q. What is the process to participate in the expanded NLS pilot project and enable my Stream to play NLS books?
Q. Once I am authorized for the NLS pilot download, how do I download a book?
Q. After downloading the book on my computer, how do I transfer it to my Stream?
Q. As an alternative, can I transfer NLS zip books using Stream Companion?
Q. Will the Stream play the future book cartridges that NLS will distribute?

Playback and Navigation
Q. If I accidentally press key 4 or 6 how can I quickly get back to my reading position?
Q. How can I quickly get to the start of a book?
Q. How can I quickly reach the end of a book?
Q. How can I quickly jump to a position far into a large text file?
Q. How can I quickly jump to a position far into a large audio file?
Q. How do I backup just a few seconds with Rewind key? If I hold it too long it backs up 1 minute.
Q. Can I resume reading a few seconds back from where I last stopped?
Q. How can I lock the keypad while playing a book?

Playing Content from CDs
Q. How do I copy CD DAISY books to the Stream?
Q. How do I copy DAISY multi-CD books to the Stream?
Q. Why does Stream not play the files I copied from my audio CD using Windows Explorer?
Q. I have a DAISY CD with multiple books and a Discinfo.html file. How do I copy that CD to my Stream SD card?

Q. How do I find the total recording time available on my memory card?
Q. What are the recording specifications and space required for the AMR-WB+ files?
Q. I have many Audio Notes and cannot remember all the note numbers. Can I rename/move the Notes for archival?
Q. What type of microphone should I use on my Stream?

RFB&D (United States)
Q. How do I obtain the RFB&D User Authorization Key?
Q. How do I install the RFB&D UAK once I have purchased it?
Q. How do I play RFB&D CD AudioPlus books on the Stream?
Q. How do I play RFB&D AudioPlus books that come on more than one CD?

SD Card
Q. What type of SD cards should I use in Stream?
Q. Do I need to format my SD card before using it?
Q. How do I format my SD card?
Q. If I format the card and replace the files will I lose all the bookmarks and reading positions in my books?
Q. If I write-protect the SD card does it mean I cannot set bookmarks?
Q. Is there anything I can do if the Safely Remove Hardware option is not in my Windows System Tray?
Q. How do I set up a USB flash drive for use on the Stream?
Q. How do I set up books to play on the USB flash drive?
Q. Do all Stream functions work on the books on the USB flash drive?

Thank you,
The HumanWare Team

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