Thursday, April 30

Message from NLS regarding new BARD site

Greetings. I received this message today from the NLS regarding the new BARD site. BARD stands for Braille and Audio Recorded Download. The new site launched today, which for the user means unlimited downloads,a list of the top downloads in fiction and nonfiction, and other improvements. However, before you go counting the number of downloads you can do in an hour, consider the following note. Enjoy and happy downloading/reading!


To all users of the NLS BARD service:

Now that the new NLS BARD web site has been launched, we're asking again that users exercise restraint in downloading, especially during the critical first weeks of operation of the new site.

We are experiencing an enormous load on the system at the current time. This load is far higher than is to be expected based on a single day without service or any pent-up demand remaining from the pilot site's thirty-item limit.

Please remember that there is no need to download more than what you can reasonably consume. The site will be available at all times, and no materials will be removed. Please download only what you need.

As before, questions and comments should be sent to
Send questions or requests about the book and magazine collection to your library.

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