Wednesday, June 24

protecting your dog from the summer sun

Greetings. The below information comes from an email I received on a guide dog email list. Even though many of these steps are common sense, it's still amazing the number of people you hear of each year that think, "I'll just be gone a minute," and leave their dogs or even kids in a hot car when at the store or other business. Meanwhile, that car that holds your kid or beloved pet is quickly heating to unbearable temps, both for dogs and for humans. Try just sitting in a car that's totally closed up and not running and see how long you last before flinging open a door. Anyway, these are posted for your consideration. Enjoy, and as always, please excuse any formatting errors.


Summer is here and that means outdoor fun-but the heat of the day can be
detrimental to your dog's health. Dogs have a higher internal temperature
than we do and they can get hot very quickly. Outside activities can be
fun to share with your family pet, but remember to protect him from the
summer heat. If you are not careful, your dog can suffer from heat
exhaustion. Follow these steps to learn more:

Step 1
Leave your dog at home
not in the car. More dogs die of heat exhaustion in parked cars than in
other situation. The car gets too hot--even if you leave your dog for only
short time.

Step 2
Exercise in the cooler times of day. People love running with their dogs
often think that a dog has no problem handling the heat. This is not true.
The risk of heat exhaustion can be reduced by running in the cooler times
the morning or evening. Also avoid hot pavement, which can burn the pads
your dog's paws.

Step 3
Hydrate your dog. Always carry dog-dedicated water and a foldable water
on walks and hikes.

Step 4
Wrap that dog! Wrapping a cool pad or wet bandana around your dog's neck
before heading outside can help her stay cooler and avoid heat exhaustion.

Step 5
Brush your dog. Brushing your dog's coat often can help decrease the risk
heat exhaustion, especially if your dog has a heavy coat.

Step 6
Keep it cool. During the hot times of the day, keep your dog in safe, cool
environment. Provide the dog with plenty of water. Make sure there is
a fresh, cool water supply available for your pet

Step 7
Protect his nose. If you are going to be outside in the sun with your dog,
put sunscreen on its nose. It is a part of a dog's body that is not
protected by hair and is so very susceptible to sunburn.

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