Wednesday, July 19

The Barbershop

Greetings. Today I had an experience unlike any other. I went to a barbershop.

I should say right off that my hair grows very slowly. Whereas many people get their hair cut every 3-6 weeks, I get mine cut every 2 and a half to 3 months. Up until now, I've gone to one of those chain hair styling places, like Super Cuts or Pro-Cuts. Since moving to Austin though, I've been looking for a new place to get my hair cut. The couple that usually take me to and from church each week, suggested their place this past Sunday. When they said it was an old fashion barbershop, I agreed but didn't really know what I was getting into.

When I went for the cut, which was at a flat rate of $12, I got great treatment as well as a great cut. The place had the feel of an old timey barbershop, I suppose because it was. There were a few barber chairs, a TV going, and the room had an over all different feel to it than Super Cuts. My $12 also got me an offer for a shoe shine, which I'm not sure if the man who offerred the shine worked there, or just hung out and offerred it to customers. Oddly enough, I probably could use a shine on my older pair of dress shoes that I've had for 3 years. However, today I was wearing a newer pair. Perhaps when I go next time, I'll purposely wear my older pair and cross my fingers for that shoe shine offer. The flat rate also got me a manual shave, some thinning of my hair, and a great cut and personal attention. It made me wish the cut cost more so I could show my appreciation. As if all that weren't enough, my ride had called ahead and asked the barber if they would wait for me before they closed shop, since I was going after work. We got there before they closed, but the cut wasn't actually over and done with for another 5 or 10 minutes after closing. I'm inclined to think that this would not have happened at a franchise like Super Cuts.

They've definitely got me as a returning customer, flat rates, great cuts, and personal treatment and all. In other words, though this was my first barbershop cut, it won't be my last! I don't know if all barbershop cuts are like this one, but if they are, then I'd definitely recommend someone look around for a barbershop. It might be the best cut you've ever had.

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