Friday, July 21


Greetings. I got a call this morning from the person known as Ranger 1138, who has a blog called The Ranger Station, informing me that I was mentioned in the weekly email of Top Tech Tidbits (TTT). Apparently, it was said that I was at the NFB convention in Dallas (which I was), gave a presentation on the upcoming Microsoft Vista operating system, and commented on various vendors in the exhibit hall, which I did not do. Ranger states it on his blog, and I want to repeat here for those that might have seen this reference in the email of the TTT, that Ranger 1138 and Wayne Merritt are most definitely two different people. We lead different lives, though we kind of work in the same industry of sorts, of assistive technology; he does things that I probably couldn't do and vice versa, or at least I'd like to think so, :)

Sure, I talk about technology, adaptive and otherwise, on this blog, but it also has a personal spin and journal aspect to it. Those that have read this blog for any length of time, or if you simply look through the post titles, you'll see that there's a lot here that isn't part of the tech world.

All that said, its kind of cool to be mentioned in a popular and well read outlet like the Top Tech Tidbits weekly email. Ranger said he'd link to my blog here, so who knows. I might get more readers here, which would be cool. I know Ranger personally, and in his words, "No harm, no fowel."

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