Tuesday, October 16

And it continues

Greetings. Even though White Cane Day is over for this year, I plan on maintaining the site and adding things as I come across them. One of those things, or categories you might say, are news stories about White Cane Day. Though I initially set out to gather stories in my community, after doing a Google search for "white cane day 2007 news," I was presented with many results. I've added some of those, along with others that I've found, to the site. Even if I don't find anything else, check out the list of places that observe this yearly event. And I'm not just talking about cities in the U.S., but worldwide. I never would have thought that this historic day would have reached so far and affect thousands like it has and continues to do.

The site continues to get hits and visitors, which at last count was over 1100! I don't know how long this constant level of hits will continue, but it sure is fun to watch. I'll write later about another interesting thing that has happened to me. Until then.

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