Wednesday, October 3

Things to consider for that new computer

Greetings. Just because new computers are on my mind tonight, I submit the following, also from The Ranger Station. Ranger wrote a post yesterday on things to consider when upgrading or moving to a new computer with Windows Vista on it, such as hardware, software, AT considerations, video cards, etc. I'm approaching this from the perspective of buying a new machine, but you may be upgrading. Either way, here are some suggestions to guide your thinking. By no means are these the only things to think about; also consider any other specialized software/hardware you have, such as OCR software, scanner requirements, any specific sound cards that are recommend from your screen reader, OCR software, or other company; and so forth. In other words, it is wise to do your research ahead of time and prepare for the new system rather than just walking into a computer store out of the blue and buying the first machine off the shelf. At any rate, here's what Ranger has to say about upgrading/moving to Windows Vista.

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