Thursday, August 14

Dog journey update

Greetings. Today I received the electronic copy of my travel arrangements to The Seeing Eye in a couple of weeks. Knowing they're coming is one thing, but just like reading the initial acceptance email, reading over the travel arrangements only gets me more excited about going. This journey over the past several months is nearing its end. I also credit them for booking me on a non-stop flight directly from Austin to New Jersey. I thought that I would probably fly through Houston or Dallas and connect to a longer run from there to NJ. Thankfully though, that's not the case. I don't mind making connections, as long as the lay overs are an hour or less, but getting a direct flight is even better. So, the saga continues.

As I've told several people up to this point, I hope to make frequent updates on this blog during training regarding how its going. I have also been able to setup the ability to blog from my wireless phone. Probably not that exciting, but it sounds cool to be able to write, "I'm sitting on the plane waiting to take off," during the action. Anyway, we'll see how all that goes. If I can pull it off, I might even be able to provide pictures of the dog and audio recordings of different things. But we'll see. My main concern will be bonding with the dog and absorbing as much as I can while in training; everything else is just icing on the cake.

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