Thursday, August 14

Getting Sirius in September

Greetings. One of the big things that I'm very excited about regarding my trip to The Seeing Eye soon is the prospect of getting Sirius. No, I don't mean "serious," I mean "Sirius," as in Sirius Satellite Radio. Not long ago, The Seeing Eye received a 2 year grant to put accessible Sirius Satellite radios in all their student rooms. I've heard that they provide both electronic and Braille channel guides regarding which channels are where. That will be helpful while in class, however, after doing some searching online, I came across the Sirius Channel Guide on the Sirius site. For whatever reason, I wasn't able to get to the guide from the sirius home page, but that's never stopped me from getting at information before. Anyway, Not only will this allow me to test drive Sirius while in class, but I can do it for free! Sirius is also the major satellite radio broadcaster of NFL games. I'm assuming that they broadcast all of the games, but given the few sports channels they have, I'm not sure how. At any rate, being a huge football fan in general, and a Cowboys fan in particular, I was secretly hoping that i would be assigned to a class in the fall--and I was! perhaps I'll even come back and subscribe to Sirius, though I'm not totally sold on it yet. I like listening to local radio, even with all the commercials. There's something about the local flavor that you can't get from an online or satellite broadcasted station, such as the radio personalities and the local flavor of music/talk provided.

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  1. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Sirius Satelitte radio is amazing. There are so many music channels to choose from and believe me, you will not miss any local DJ's in terms of music. Okay, perhaps for local talk radio. But you will get every NFL game. During football season, and any other sport season for that matter, they assign games to channels not being used at that time slot. It does not appear on the regular channel line up but around gameday, they list all of the channels. And you get the local feed from either the home or visiting team. With the merger, it should be possible to get MLB next year, but we'll have to wait and see.

    I always, always have Sirius turned on in my home. I love it!