Saturday, August 2

Omni 6.1 preview

Greetings. To those that attended any of the summer conventions and went to Freedom Scientific's PAC Mate presentation, the following news may not be news to you. To everyone else, the July 2008 edition of FS Cast, from Freedom Scientific, has Jonathan Mosen going over the new features and enhancements in PAC Mate version 6.1 for the Omni. Among the many enhancements and interesting items is the following:

* Support for entering contracted or uncontracted Braille in more places than ever before, wehther you're using a BX or QX.
* Data retension when performing an upgrade/update, ensuring that none of your data, installed programs, or other settings will be lost during the update process. (This alone is worth its weight in gold to me).
* Support for many more of the Quick Keys available on the web with JAWS, something that has needed to be done for a long time.
* Ability to read PDF files on the Omni. Granted, you have to get a third party program in order to do this, but there is indeed support for opening PDF's, which makes the PM the first note taker in another category.
* And more.

The 6.1 update is not out yet, but watch the FS site. I'll put a link to it when it does come out. The link above is the direct link to the MP3 file, which you can listen to in the browser or download. Jonathan demonstrates in the podcast all of the things I mentioned above. Enjoy.

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