Sunday, July 27

Mosque hopes for guide dog rule

Greetings. I received the following from an email list. Here's an interesting story. Please excuse any formatting errors and enjoy.

Mosque hopes for guide dog rule

A guide dog from Leicester could soon be the first in Britain permitted to
enter a mosque, imams say.

Seventeen-year-old Mahomed Khatria lost his sight in 2005 and uses his dog,
Vargo, to get around but cannot take her into the Al Falah Mosque.

In Islam dogs are regarded as unclean but after a request from Mr Khatria,
local imams agreed to review the rules.

Now Vargo is expected to be admitted to a special room and the imams hope
this will set a national example.

We are consulting scholars in the UK and abroad to get as wide support as we
can Ibrahim Mogra, Muslim Council of Britain Ibrahim Mogra, a senior imam at
the Muslim Council of Britain, emphasised that Vargo would not be allowed
into the mosque's prayer hall and Mr Kharia would be expected to wash before

"We are hoping this mosque will not be the only one," said Mr Mogra.

"In fact, had

it been a one-off case Mahomed would probably already have been attending.

"But what we are hoping to achieve is that should be almost a blanket rule
for every mosque in the United Kingdom."

He admitted that some Muslims may find the idea difficult to accept.

Careful progress

"Which is why we are taking our time and not rushing it through. We are
consulting scholars in the UK and abroad to get as wide support as we can
and get something in writing as well.

"So if there is any individual who feels uneasy about it, we can provide
them with the rulings of these very eminent and prominent scholars so they
can be assured."

Mr Khatria said: "I think other mosques will follow but it may take a little

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