Sunday, July 6

Stream companion software version 2

Greetings. With the release of Stream version 2 comes the updated Stream companion software. Enjoy.

Dear Victor Reader Stream Customer:

HumanWare has released a new Windows Stream Companion software version 2.0.4. This is a free Windows software that can be downloaded and installed on your Windows XP or Vista computer. To download the software visit:

To install the software, download the zip file for the Stream Companion and unzip the embedded executable (EXE) install file. Then run this exe file. You do not need to uninstall the previous version of Stream Companion. The Windows Install Shield program will run and ask you to read and accept the license. It will ask if you want a complete or custom install. Select 'complete'.

The Stream Companion is optional software to support the Stream. There is no need to install this software unless you need its functionality. There are extensive new features and usability improvements in version 2.

New Features

- In addition to the Talking Books Tab version 2.0 offers five new TABS to transfer files to the Stream's Other Books, Audible, Music, Podcasts, and Text bookshelves. The Music and Podcast Tabs have a button to allow you to transfer by folder or individual file.
- The Music Tab has a button to allow you to create playlists in the root of the Music bookshelf. Simply move to the list of Music files on your SD card and select the files or folders that you want for your playlist and then activate the Create Playlist button. You will be asked to enter a name for the playlist. The playlist will then be created on your music bookshelf. When you browse the music bookshelf with your Stream each playlist will be announced as a separate music book. The actual music files will be announced as the "All Music" book.
- There is a new Tab to convert the recorded 3gp audio files of Audio Bookmarks to wav files on your computer.

Usability Improvements
- In the Talking Books TAB the user may activate a check box to allow books contained in zip files on the computer to display in the PC list. If this checkbox is checked you will be able to transfer zip books (e.g. NLS books in the USA) to the Stream without first having to unzip the book.
- The PC Path can now be edited in the textbox.
- Support for transferring a talking book contained on Multiple CD's.

The Companion User Guide can be read by activating the Help button in any of the program Tabs. The User Guide can also be downloaded from the Stream documentation page at:

HumanWare hopes you enjoy the new Stream Companion 2.0

Thank you,
The HumanWare Team

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