Monday, July 14

Stream 2.0 re-released

Greetings. I received the following post from HumanWare through the Stream News Wire. Enjoy.

Dear Victor Reader Customer:

This is to announce that the re-release of Stream 2.0 is now
available for download. The new version is 2.0.6 and can be downloaded from:

There you will find 3 choices for the English version 2.0 with
Samantha, Tom, or Daniel text-to-speech voices. The Release Notes for
2.0.6 are the same as for the original version 2.0.3 and are also
available on the above page. The Release Notes explain how to install
the software and list in detail all new features and improvements.
Briefly,to install follow these steps:

- Download the software zip file from the above link

- Unzip the single UPG upgrade file from the zip file. You do not
need special unzip software. Simply press Enter to open the zip file
and you can then select the UPG file.

- Copy this UPG file to the root of your Stream SD card.

- Disconnect the Stream from the computer, connect it to AC power and
turn it on.

- The Stream will automatically start the update process which takes
about 1 minute during which time it will announce intermittent
"please Wait" messages. The Stream will power off when the new
software is installed.

- You may then remove the UPG file from the SD card.

After the new software is installed, the Release Notes document will
also be available in a HumanWare sub-folder of your Text Bookshelf so
you may read the Release Notes with your Stream. It is in html
format on the Stream so you can navigate it by any of heading levels
1, 2, or 3.

This version corrects the issues with NISO e-text talking book
formats where Fast Forward was causing the Stream to shutdown and
where page navigation was not working. Examples of NISO e-text books
are the Stream built-in User Guide, NFB newspapers, and books.

Following are important points regarding this new version 2.0.6 release.

1. Audible Bookmarks
For future improvements, Audible has changed their playback engine
and this new engine is included in Version 2.0. It does not affect
how you listen or navigate in Audible books but it required a change
to the way Stream identifies Audible books in the Stream's bookmark
database. This will result in the loss of reading position and
bookmarks saved in version 1.2. Prior to installing you may wish to
note the elapsed reading time position in your Audible books so after
installing you can then use the Go To Time function to quickly return
to your reading position. Subsequent Audible book reading positions
and bookmarks will be maintained.

2. INFO key Announcement of SD Space Remaining
After the original 2.0.3 release , we received reports that SD space
remaining does not report correctly on all cards. We investigated
this and found that some cards have incorrect value for total space
usage but it is not clear why. It is related to Windows and/or Linux
not updating this value after adding or removing files. We left the
feature in as it seems to report accurately in most cases. It is not
specific to any brand of card or size of card. We were able to
correct one card by reformatting and re-transferring the files but it
is not clear this is always the solution. Also, if the space used
has an incorrect value it does not appear there is any other problem
with the data on the card. We will investigate an alternative method
to reporting SD space for a future release.

3. Recording Audio Bookmarks
In Stream 2.0 there is a bug whereby audio bookmarks can only be
recorded by pressing and holding the Record key while you voice your
recording. The single press at start of recording and second press at
end of recording does not work. . This will be corrected on the next
version. For recording audio notes, both methods still work.

We appreciate your patience over the past two weeks while we
addressed the NISO text book playback issues and we hope you will
enjoy the many new features and improvements in version 2.0.6.

Thank you,
The HumanWare Team

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