Friday, July 11

Preview of Metallica song

Greetings. In my current state of insomnia, I thought I'd post this blurb here, and yes, I know, this has nothing to do with blindness. Consider it a glimpse into one of my other sides. I'm a big Metallica fan, having much of their musical material over the last 20 some odd years and even a few DVD's that they've done. A 1 minute preview of their upcoming song, "Remember Tomorrow," is availlable on the official
Metallica's MySpace page.
Its not clear if this is on the upcoming new album or their tribute album to Iron Maiden. Whatever the case, it sounds killer. If you're afan of the mighty Met, check it out. After the 1 minute preview, there are various Metallica songs in full which are taken from some live performances. I'm sure that the page lists the locations and dates of these songs, but honestly, I was too caught up in listening to scan it. Now that I'm using Windows Vista at home, the ability to adjust individual volume controls for that particular page in Vista came in very handy.

Metallica's new album should be out in a couple of months. From what I've heard from this short preview, assuming that the song is actually on the album and not on the tribute album, it sounds really cool. Looks like I'll be stopping by a CD shop up in New Jersey when I go there in September for my new dog to pick it up. The ironic thing is that I won't have a CD player to play it on since my music is all digital these days. Ah well. The trials of fandom. Enjoy.

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