Monday, July 21

Google accessibility user study

Greetings. I received the following note from an email list. Though this study is set to take place in a limited number of locations, it is notable that Google is willing to put the word out. Enjoy, and excuse any formatting errors.

Google Accessibility User Study:

Google is working on new technology to assist visually impaired
computer users using Gmail, Google's email application. JAWS users
are needed for user testing. If selected you will be asked to give
feedback and reactions to some new Gmail accessibility features. Some
studies will be conducted at The Google campus in Mountain View, and
others at the LightHouse for the Blind in San Francisco. The San
Francisco dates will be July 31 and August 5.

If you are interested in participating, are a visually impaired or
fully blind user, use JAWS, and have never used the web version of
Gmail, before, or have questions please respond to Joshua Hailpern at
Remuneration will be provided for participants, as a thank-you for your time. For more information about Google consumer testing visit their Usability FAQ site at

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