Monday, July 14

Guide dog health survey

Greetings. I received the following from a guide dogs email list. I wouldn't normally post something like this since there's always the question of accuracy. However, since one of the senders is the current president of Guide Dog Users Inc., an affiliate of the American Council of the Blind, I thought it worthy of passing along. Enjoy, and as always, please excuse any formatting errors. Also, consider filling out the survey if you feel that you could offer something benefitial.


Please distribute to any and all guide dog lists as well as handlers you
know who are not subscribed to any lists. This survey has been created,
tested and approved by handlers, veterinarians, scientists and reputable
training programs and will, as a result of your participation, go far in
helping to direct valuable research efforts which will lead to better canine
health in our guide dogs.
Read on, and then please do take the time to complete this important guide
dog health survey.

Thank you

Dear Guide Dog Handler:

Morris Animal Foundation, the world's largest nonprofit foundation dedicated
to funding research studies to protect treat and cure animals, has received
a grant from the Laura J. Niles Foundation to address health and injury
issues that may lead to early retirement of a guide dog team or prevent the
team from optimally performing. We are requesting your help by asking you to
complete an on-line survey. The goal of the survey is to provide a
statistical snapshot by breed, sex and age of types of health conditions and
injuries that affect working guide dogs. INDIVIDUAL AND SCHOOL IDENTITIES
WILL REMAIN ANONYMOUS. The results of the survey will be used by the
foundation to prioritize research funding for advancing guide dog health.
Morris Animal Foundation will be calling for proposals from scientists
worldwide to address one or more health or injury issues of high
significance. We anticipate that submission of proposals, review by
scientific advisors and contracting of the successful grant will be
completed by the end of this calendar year. One hundred percent of the
grant will be awarded to the successful investigative team. Based on
matching funds, we anticipate awarding $100,000/year for three years.

An accessible version of the survey will be available online at
from July 14 to August 14. This comprehensive survey has been designed to be
as complete as possible for the purpose of collecting all the information
necessary to identify which health issues to fund and study. Although it may
take longer than 30 minutes to complete, your careful responses are the
first important step in the process of researching how to more successfully
breed and maintain healthier guide dogs with longer working lives.


Patricia N. Olson, DVM, PhD
Morris Animal Foundation

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