Monday, September 29

Follow that blog!

Greetings. For those that often or regularly check back on this blog to see what I'm posting/talking about, I've added a new feature where you can show your support/reading of this blog. It's a new Blogger feature called, what else, Follow. If you want to "follow" this blog, then you would go to the sidebar, which if you're using a screen reader will appear below all of the posts, and to the heading for "Followers of Wayne's Blog." Choose the Follow this blog link or the Follow button, and a new window will open asking if you want to follow the blog publicly or privately (annonymous). To follow it publicly means that your picture and a link to your blog will appear in this "Followers of Wayne's Blog" section, telling everyone who visits that you're a follower. Those that choose annonymous will not have a picture/link for their blog show up. Either way, a spot in your Blogger dashboard will be set aside for all the blogs that you're following, and will alert you to new posts on those blogs. For more information on this new feature, read the Blogger help article called What is Following?

I believe that you can put a link to a blog even if it's not hosted by Blogger. This feature not only allows the blog's author to see who's reading their blog, but also allows other people to read blogs that they may not ordinarily visit, thanks to the links to other blogs for those that choose "public." When you're viewing your own blog, an additional link called "Manage" will also appear in the Follow section giving you more options. Enjoy, and for those that frequent this and other blogs with this new Follow feature, happy following!

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