Monday, September 22

Interesting new features announced in JAWS 10

Greetings. Freedom Scientific will soon be releasing the second beta for the upcoming version 10 of JAWS. Among the new features discussed on the September 2008 edition of FS Cast are the ability to assist someone over a distance in troubleshooting or using their computer, and improved access to iTunes version 8. Depending on your priorities, you will likely find one of these features more valuable than the other. For me, it's the iTunes support and having a more robust media player available, not to mention being able to control and access all of my media (such as music, movies, podcasts, play lists, etc.), with one player. However, those who do more tech support, training, or troubleshooting of other JAWS users computers will likely find the remote control more interesting. This new remote control ability will be called JAWS Tandom, and it sounds like it will really be of help to many people in the I.T. field. If you're interested in either of these features, then do use the link above to download the podcast and take a listen. Prices for the JAWS Tandom service are also revealed in this podcast. Also, watch the FS site for beta 2 of JAWS 10 where you will be able to "officially" use these new features, along with all of the fixes and enhancements made since the first beta released about a month ago. enjoy.

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